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What we do ?

We at Gguru tackle some of the most critical aspects of School and College management and reducing School and College staff workload. By doing so, we know that School and College teachers nurture the young minds of tomorrow and the School/College support staff enjoys using Gguru engine’s superior apps. Our innovative solutions are aimed at providing the best of School and College ERP features and safety measures to school and College going children.

A strong expertise in School and College Management, the problem areas and ways to improvise existing administration system has helped us create the best of School and College Management System.

Why Us?

Our Team is founded with a deep-rooted passion towards delivering value to our clients. Who are not just Schools and Colleges, but parents and teachers as well, who ensure that children are always walking on the path of constant innovation.

  • Impeccable service reputation – We provide the best services to our Schools and Colleges Period.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Our products are designed to be both feature-rich and economical.
  • Unique offerings – The services we offer are uniquely customized keeping in mind the problem area’s of Schools and Colleges.
  • Accuracy – RFID technology is used in our systems, providing accurate information.
  • Real Time – Know your child’s academic progress not today, not tomorrow, but now!
  • Help Desk – For Technology based services like ours, 24/7 individual support is a boon.
  • Commitment – An Organization-wide commitment towards creating a better future.

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