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Class and Subjects Management

  • Managing classes and subjects
  • Create / Manage classes and sections
  • Assign teachers to classes.
  • Add / Manage subjects and additional subjects.
  • Arrange the subjects in any order for printing in report card.

Human Resources Management

  • Manage Employee or Staff Data using Chanakya School Management System
  • Generate payrolls
  • Allowances and deductions can be maintained
  • Employee Leave Management


  • Marking attendance is made very easy by various customer feedbacks.
  • Various types of attendance reports are there.


  • Create exams as per needed.
  • Latest New CBSE grading system for evaluation has been implemented.
  • Reports can be generated for toppers of the class.
  • Failure list can also be generated.
  • Report cards as per CBSE guidelines can be generated.
  • Class wise report and subject wise report can be generated.


  • Gguru ERP assigns a unique ID to each and every student.
  • Simple admission forms.
  • Student’s Photo upload facility.
  • Manage student records.

Notice board

  • Create / delete notices.
  • Two types of notices available - School Notice & Class Wise Notice.
  • Send Notices or any important news to whole school with a click.
  • Class Wise Notices can be send to specific selected classes.
  • Smart filter automatically identifies the parents using Mobile App.Notifications will be send to parents using app and SMS will be sent to parents not using App.
  • Attach files to the notice / news.

Instant Fee Management

  • Add fees structure on the basis of Class Groups.
  • Add particulars in each fee structure.
  • Collect fee from students in an easy manner.
  • Manage fees receipts from lists.
  • Re-print older receipts.
  • Search fees receipts with customizable date range.
  • Generate various fees reports.
  • Automatic SMS or App Notification feature available for notifying parents when fees accepted at institution.

Manage Users

  • Search for any users using the search bar.
  • View profile of all users based on the roles.
  • View / Edit users password and rights.
  • Set rights to users as per their roles
  • Allows organization to set standards for different roles based on their responsibility


  • Display Events, Holidays, Birthdays in the calendar.
  • Set different types of views for calendar such as monthly, weekly, etc.
  • Navigate to different months easily.
  • Get detailed information about the items by hovering.
  • Different colors for different item categories.


  • Add / Edit / Delete the transport routes for vehicles / buses.
  • Manage route cost details.
  • Assign / Manage transport route to students.
  • Collect transport fees.
  • Manage transport fees.
  • Re-print older receipts.
  • Automatic SMS or App Notification feature available for notifying parents when fees accepted at institution.

Expense Manager

  • Add / Edit Expense Categories.
  • Add / Edit Expenses with detailed note, category, date, etc.

Student Information

  • View Students lists based on classes or sections.
  • Get complete information like fees receipts, attendance, marks, etc.
  • Search students using name or student’s unique ID.
  • Assign roll numbers to students.

Parent-School Messaging System

  • Inbuilt messaging system.
  • Parents can easily and quickly connect with the school.
  • Effective communication between administration department and parents.
  • Parents can share their problems and get it solved without visiting the school.

SMS Portal

  • Send text SMS to Parents in their mobiles by selection classes.
  • One can send SMS to specific students by seeing them.
  • Send SMS to teachers or other non-teaching staff members.


  • Upload and download notes / assignments for the students.
  • Students gets notified about the assignments through notifications.
  • Assignments for specific subjects can be uploaded.
  • Assignments for specific classes can be uploaded.
  • Image / PDF file can be attached and downloaded.
  • Date of assignments can be specified.


  • Create new Album.Upload photos.
  • View / Delete Albums facility.
  • View / Delete photo facility.
  • Activate on app button for showing the particular album in the Mobile App.
  • Notify button to notify the parents that an album is created.


  • Create book category such as Science, Fiction, etc.
  • Add books to the library with each and every detail.
  • View, Edit or delete library books.
  • Specific barcode or custom tag is generated for each book.
  • Manage book issue manually or with barcode.
  • Manage book returns manually or with barcode.
  • Check Issued / Renewed book status.


  • Manage or create multiple hostels in Chanakya School Management System
  • Manage Room Types and create Rooms with different criteria
  • Assign Rooms to students


  • Inventory is an important module in school management system
  • Now with Chanakya School Management System manage multiple stores
  • Manage Item Categories, Items, etc.
  • Inventory Vouchers can be created and assigned to staff

Event Creation

  • Create events.
  • Specify event start date and end date.
  • Display events in month wise lists and sorted date wise.


  • Promotion to higher classes made easy.
  • Promote passed students to next classes easily by selecting students and classes / sections to promote.

Report Center

  • In this module we can generate variety of reports such as attendance, marks, etc.
  • Category Wise reports, Religion Wise Reports, etc. which need to be submitted to govt. can be generated.


  • Update school information.
  • Check list of users using Mobile App.
  • Smart SMS and notification integration settings.
  • Smart settings for attendance, marks, school fees and transport fees are available.
  • Check the remaining number of SMS pack.

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